5 Lifestyle Changes To Make Feel Great and Be More Productive

The last month has been one of the most productive of my life.

PersonaDev.com is growing comfortably. My work seems easier. I am getting up early and attacking assignments and tasks with enthusiasm rather than regret.

I am getting in better shape. I am eating right and I am exercising daily.

In general, I am getting things done and my short-term goals are being met earlier than I am setting new ones.

I sat down the other day and asked myself “Why has your last month been so productive?”

I came up with 5 activities and concepts that stimulated my month:

  1. Sleeping Better – I despise waking up late. When I wake up late, I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and it puts a damper on the rest of the day. This month, I’ve been rising early. First, figure out when you are most productive. Are you an early bird? A night owl? Now try to wake up 5 minutes early each day or stay up 5 minutes later every night until you are awake for the majority of your “most-productive” time.

  2. Eating Better – Eating right can be an amazing energy boost. Cut out fried foods as much as possible. Stick to chicken and salads whenever you can. Make sure you get the right intake of protein for your weight and activity level. Eat breakfast! Just a few minor changes in eating habits can improve your vigor significantly.
  3. Exercising – Exercise makes you feel alive. Now, this doesn’t mean you should immediately start running 3 miles a day or head to the gym determined to bench 250 lbs. The goal is to get moving, get your heart pumping, sweat. In today’s world, we are too often confined to small spaces. Pushing your body to its limits is a great reminder of what you are capable.

  4. Low-Stress Environment – Don’t burn yourself out trying to do too much at once. Pick a few of the most important tasks and really apply yourself to them. In the past year, I’ve significantly reduced my workload and my overall performance has seen a great increase. Minimize your tasks. Learn Time Management. Learn to prioritize.

  5. Develop a Routine – The most important of them all. Everything must be a lifestyle change. A real desire to be more productive. Get into a routine, wake, sleep, eat, and exercise at the same times everyday. Make gradual changes. Slowly wean out the fatty-foods or chips and wean-in chicken or nuts. Shift your sleeping schedule 5 or 10 minutes every night. A drastic change too quickly will just serve to burn you out.

Remember: confidence is viral. Succeeding and seeing results in one aspect of your life will inspire success and results in all other aspects. Be confident, be successful.

Try out these 5 tips for a few weeks and you’ll be sure to see solid increases in your productivity.

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