Tips To Be a More Productive Team ManagerManagement can seem to be a daunting task. What exactly does it take to become a good manager?

One person may say it’s “the ability to communicate”, while others may say it’s “being able to read a person’s skills and assign work accordingly”. has quite a selection of articles to help you achieve our management goals. Some tips are:

(1) Don’t Give Orders: “…When you give an order, you do not allow the other person any latitude to think about what to do or how to do it. All they can do to satisfy your order is exactly what you ordered… You do not let them learn.”

(2) Delegate, Don’t Dump: “When you delegate, as opposed to dumping, you give the other person the same authority to complete the task as if you had done it yourself. …It must help the receiver learn and grow.”

(3) Give Negative Feedback Properly: “You don’t want to critique someone else’s actions when you are angry or upset.” and “Focus on their actions not the person.”

(4) Give Positive Feedback Properly: ” Say something right away.” and “Make it public”

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Tips To Be a More Productive Team Manager

The reality is that managing is a dynamic task. One can study management techniques and skills, but the ability to react quickly to situations and maintain efficient work is something that can often only be learned through experience.

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